Lunar types

individuals of the lunar type and body type, and behavior is dominated by the water element and Kapha dosha. They have a rounded, attractive, moon-like face, and rounded, well developed body. Usually they look bright and blond, and the whites of the eyes clear, without red streaks. In the body a surplus of vital fluids, and hair, generally thick, shiny and greasy. With the age of the lunar types become heavy, gain weight and retain moisture. In women this often occurs after the birth of first child, but in after forty years.

moon type

this Body type is cold and wet, easily accumulate phlegm and mucus. They have strong lungs and sonorous voice, but they often suffer from stagnation. Lunar individuals may develop fluid retention (edema), especially in the hips and feet. Usually they live long and have good health, but often suffer long-lasting, disappears, then recurrent, minor illnesses. They have a propensity for oversleeping, which undermines their health.

Lunar types love to take on a motherly role playing for the other the role of a loving, caring, helping person. They are loyal, dependent and responsive to become good friends and spouses. People of this type are good cooks and often focused on the domestic hearth. Their lives are often built on dealing with people, although this communication can capture not only the family but even the whole nation what is found in politicians of the lunar type.

When they manage to overcome their innate shyness and learn to act in public, they can become socially successful personalities and even sensitive leaders, able to influence the masses. The probability of this increases if the moon has influence of Saturn. Such socially-oriented Moon may push some women towards matriarchy or something like that.

Psychologically lunar types are emotional, sensitive and changeable as the Moon itself. They are romantic and sentimental, are easy to maudlin. Easily falling into anger, they also easily forgive and forget the insults. However, their emotionality is not a guarantee that they feel the emotions of others, and the people of this type often fall into the trap of not understanding the feelings of partner. The power of their emotions can give artistic talent, particularly for public performances and vivid expressivity, expressed, including through poetry.

the Highest lunar types have the mental and spiritual powers, devoted to their deity and possess the ability to contemplation. Due to the tendency to penetrate deeply into the essence of things can be healers, psychics and mystics. However, if Moon in the horoscope is corrupted (for example, in the case of a joint influence of Mars and Saturn or with Rahu connections) we can talk about emotional instability, including mental disorders.

lunar types of secondary dosha Vata acts which contributes to the variability of their emotions. Since the Moon itself is an important astrological factor (more important than just the ascendant), the moon that there are different types depending in what sign is the Moon, which we will discuss in the Chapter "the Vedic astrology and Vedic psychology."

Astrological factors

Lunar types are created very well thanks to the moon in the horoscope that is most common when the Moon is in the ascendant or in other angular houses, particularly when it is in its own sign (Cancer) or in his sign of exaltation (Taurus). Ascendent in Cancer, tend to create a lunar type, if only on the Moon weigh on another planet, which often happens when the Sun is also in Cancer. The aspect of moon to the ascendant and its ruler can also create a lunar type. Moon in conjunction with Jupiter or in a corner house from it also increases her strength.

Note that the Moon, to have full force, must be at a sufficient distance from the Sun. The full Moon is particularly common in the horoscopes of people of the moon, especially if it is located in earth signs or water or in the corners of the map.

--David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology

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People have lunar type and body type, and behavior is dominated by the water element and Kapha dosha...

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