Martian types

Mars is the negative aspect of Pitta dosha and fire element, which gives the Martian types with a predisposition to excesses and diseases of a fiery nature. While sun types hot and dry and they have maintained a good digestion, Martian types, hot and wet, which weakens digestion and makes them prone to infectious diseases. They suffer from excess bile and acid. They have warm blood and they easily absorb toxins. Because of this humidity in the Martian types acquire secondary Kapha dosha, or the element of water, which can occur under certain circumstances.

Martian type

the Martian types moderate physique and well-developed muscles. Their features are often angular or pointed (Martian, stressed male and even militant). They have a good circulation of energy, glow, oily skin, but easy to appear bruises. Eyes penetrating, but light sensitive and easily inflamed, a strong appetite and thirst, but it is often loose stools or diarrhea.

the Martian types are very energetic and they are periods of very good health. Their disease, usually acute, stem mainly from bad habits and innate weaknesses of the body. They get physical ailments from alcohol, tobacco, meat, hot spices, fatty and fried foods, excessive fluid and food. Usually, the liver of such people — the most vulnerable place, there is a tendency to hepatitis, cirrhosis and high blood pressure. More Martian types are more prone to other injuries, accidents and illnesses of a traumatic nature. This is due to their own excessive mobility and aggressiveness. They often have to resort to surgery to remove organs (particularly if Mars combines with Saturn).

Psychologically, Mars types are perceptive, critical and convincing. They are daring, brave, adventurous, be a good debaters, orators and lawyers. Logic is highly developed, but it can submit to their wrathful aspirations, and no sense of justice. They love to win and hate to lose, but psychologically, his anger, jealousy and hatred hurting themselves.

However, the Martian types are very caring towards your friends and like to form alliances, although the latter usually occur in response to some external threat. They better get to work to hard to put together groups based on the hierarchical principle. This type has a very strong passion and possessive, powerful, but not always refined, sexual energy. They are prone to excessive promiscuity and thereby burn themselves.

the Martian types well-versed in the art and often become good scientists, researchers and skilled workers, dealing with cars, machines and weapons. They succeed in legal, military and police fields. Also in the scope of their interests may well be medicine, in particular surgery and psychology.

There are higher types of Martian. This is a highly intuitive and disciplined yoga, spirit warriors. These Mars types can be extremely harsh and austere. They know how to control your mind and they have a strong tendency to self-transformation.

Astrological factors

the Martian types appear in the event that if in a horoscope Mars is strong — for example, Mars on the ascendant or in other angular houses (Mars is especially strong in the tenth house), especially if it is located in the signs of his possession (Aries and Scorpio) or exaltation (Capricorn). Ascendency Mars (Aries and Scorpio) Mars is usually given a type if some other planet does not prevail over Mars and the ascendant. The location of the moon or the Sun in Aries or Scorpio is a contributing factor, as well as the aspect of Mars on the ascendant or its ruler.

So how has Mars aspects the fourth and eighth houses from itself, this should also be carefully considered. Since the sixth house is the house of diseases, it is located here Mars comes to diseases such as the reason for his stay in this house, and because of its aspect from it to the ascendant. Burned Mars, usually adds more to the Martian energy and increases the Pitta dosha in the body, but not always in a healthy way.

--David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology


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Mars represents the negative aspect of Pitta dosha and fire element that gives Mars.

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