Mercurially types

Mercurially types are typically intelligent, or at least, communicative, sensitive disposition to nervous and digestive systems. The influence of Mercury is felt more in the mental than in the physical region, but there are physical mercurially types. Mercurially types tend to be lower or higher growth than the average representatives of this category. They are fragile in build, and attractive (positive aspect of Vata dosha). Often youthful or changeable (mercuriales) in appearance and behavior.

mercurially type

Mercurially types represent a healthier aspect of Vata dosha. Their skin and bodily secretion is more humid than in other representatives of Vata-type, which tend to dryness. They are cold, susceptible to allergies, hay fever and diseases of the bronchi, their lungs are vulnerable. The heart is also quite vulnerable and frequent heartbeat.

mercurially types of healthy prana (vital energy), they live long and are somewhat impulsive in their actions, often play sports and become good runners and players in basketball, but not hardy. In youth they are often athletic, but with age, reduce activity and become intellectuals.

In psychological terms, have mercurially types of quick observation, a flair for fresh information, and easy, flowing speech. They are to the people and compassionate, love to communicate and share, usually friendly and talkative, but from an excess mental activity can be introverts. Similarly, their emotions — fast, flexible and easy changing under the influence of the environment. But in General they are satisfied with life, enthusiasts, driven by curiosity, witty and with a good sense of humor.

with regard to career issues, mercurially types succeed in the language and the statistics, although can be caught on things. They are always ready to help and to be of service, feel comfortable in a secondary and subordinate roles to become good secretaries, teachers and writers, they are able to work in the media, to become good moderators and interviewers. They have developed acting skills, they are able to lie and to fake.

Mercurially types succeed in business, trade and Commerce and never lose sight of their profit. Have a good philosophy and desire to create beauty. They can become great doctors and nurses. Mercurians I love nature, especially plants, and know about gardening. They have a delicate taste that sometimes is expressed through poetry, music and design. Such people are often interested in yoga, mantras and other means of self-transformation. Although mercurially types are rarely focused spiritually, they have inquisitive nature, due to which they can go far on the spiritual path.

Astrological factors

since Mercury is a mutable planet, it easily adopts the properties of those planets with which it is in connection that makes it hard to determine how truly strong Mercury in the horoscope.

Usually mercurially types are created when Mercury is badly located in the map — it happens when Mercury is on the ascendant or in other angular houses, particularly if it is located in the signs of his possession (Gemini, Virgo) or exaltation (Virgo). Ascendency managed by Mercury (Gemini, Virgo), usually give mercurially type if Mercury and the ascendant does not prevail on another planet. If the solar or lunar signs are Gemini or Virgo, it is a contributing factor. It is also important, if Mercury aspectrum the ascendant or its ruler.

Mercury is not particularly effects of the Sun, if it is in close proximity to him, because with him it happens more often than with the other planets. Connection of Mercury with the Sun in mercurialism sign or another sign of air or ground usually makes Mercury even more.

--David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology

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The influence of mercury is felt more in the mental than in the physical region, but...

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