Rahu types

Rahu-types accompanied by an aura of mystery and unpredictability — because telepathy Rahu can outshine the Sun and the moon. Around them is something like the clouds that have a certain charm and appeal, or is the shadow that bother others.


In their physical and mental appearance Rahu-types mainly belong to Vata dosha, with an admixture of features of Saturn and Venus, which gives them an extraordinary and somber beauty. They are usually slim and agile with sensitive nervous and digestive system. People of this type are not completely present in their bodies and the impression of the missing and scattered. Their immune system may be weak, and they are more other types are susceptible to infectious diseases and degenerative diseases and disorders of the nervous system. Often Rahu-types suffer from insomnia and nightmares.

as for psychology, Rahu types are usually intelligent, intuitive and creative, though in a rather untraditional way. In thought they may be scattered, and obsessed, but, although able to bring forward new ideas, they fail to translate them into meaningful business. Emotionally, they are sensitive and changeable, easy to fall into a black melancholy, have inflated, but a weak ego, often fail because of their vanity and unfulfilled desires, and more than all other types prone to emotional instability.

Rahu-types love to bewitch and intrigue, they succeed in art, music and design. In the new circumstances feel like fish in water and often they can be found at the forefront of changes and revolutions in society. Especially good work they are given in the media, what is their typical experience. They succeed in working with the marginalized, the foreigners, often working abroad or living away from home.

Rahu-types are ambitious and want to achieve a lot, but often fail in the most ordinary Affairs, are easily overstrained. When they achieve impressive success in the world, it often does not give them personal satisfaction and creates psychological problems. They have a tendency to move away from what they consider to be a closed Chapter.

mentally, or spiritually Rahu-types give the impression of a possessed something of an outsider, whether another creature, curses, unfulfilled desires of past lives, or they simply led their own dreams. Although these individuals show interest in psychic, occult and the astral, it can be unsafe for them, as they are vulnerable to subtle energies. Representatives of this type can be psychics, channeling to realize and practice Tantra, but it is easily fall into illusion and self-deception. Often, they found healing ability, the capacity for empathy and for feeling, the greatest devotion. Although Rahu-types interested in astrology, they better get to work in this field on an intuitive level, as they are rarely able to cumbersome calculations.

Astrological factors

Rahu-types are recognized by strongly positioned Rahu in the horoscope. Most significant in this sense is the position of Rahu on the ascendant or in connection with the owner of ascen-dent. The position of Rahu with the Moon or Sun is also a significant factor. Position of Rahu in the corners (especially desatada)rudomazina(3rd, 6th, 11th)is a contributing factor.

Strong dispositor Rahu (ruler of sign in which Rahu is) can also play an important role. Another reinforcing factor is the position of Rahu in the corner, while his steward is in a trine (or Vice versa). Often Rahu-type is a secondary planetary type because of the shadowy nature of Rahu.

--David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology

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Rahu types are accompanied by an aura of mystery and unpredictability — because...

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