Saturnina types

Saturneternity usually among the least attractive of all planetary types. They are typical representatives of the wool skeleton — they are overly tall or short, lean and bony. They may have large noses and teeth and, usually, long arms and legs. Their skin is often dry, rough and cracked, with a brown or black shade. Hair and nails are often brittle. However, if the influence of Saturn corrected by the influence of Venus, they can be in some way beautiful and mysterious, though still thin and lean.

saturnine type

Of all planetary types saturnina the most painful. Often they have weak vitality, and poor endurance, decreased body temperature, cold temperament, poor digestion and circulation, and a tendency to constipation and accumulation of toxins in the body. If Saturn is badly affected, there may be many chronic diseases and death at an early age. The representatives of this type have a predisposition to the disease is degenerative in nature like arthritis and diseases of the nervous system. However, strong Saturn can give a long life and the strength to overcome illness and hardships.

Psychologically saturnina types of serious and anxious. In the best case — it is the pragmatists and realists, at worst pessimists suffering from depression. Often they are introverts and singles can be equally selfish and distant. Many of the difficulties they encounter in life, makes them immune to the misfortunes of others. Saturnina types can be poor and sverhrazdutoe. As earned costs them a lot of work, they are not inclined to share them and will always fight for it with claws and teeth. They dominated feelings of concern, fear and anxiety. Such people rarely smile and rarely do happy and carefree. Although they work hard, often they fail to rise above service positions and receive the deserved reward.

However, there is more expressive and sensitive saturnine type, especially when the influence of Saturn is softened by the influence of Venus or mercury. People of this type can become good doctors, artists and philosophers with a huge degree of devotion to the job and dedication. Higher saturnina types are yogis, ascetics and monks who leave the world, preferring solitude. They have the detachment and free from the emotional component of his personality. They don't care about the problems of the world.

lower saturnina types can be criminals, misfits and tyrants (especially if the influence of Saturn combined with the influence of Mars). They are suspicious and paranoid, greedy and selfish, trapped in the cramped confines of his ego and physical needs and can't go beyond them just on their own.

Astrological factors

Saturnine types are created when a horoscope of a strong Saturn, for example, Saturn on the ascendant or in other angular houses, particularly if it is located in the signs of his ownership (Capricorn, Aquarius) or exaltation (Libra). Ascendency driven Saturn, usually give saturnine type, if another planet does not prevail over Saturn and ascen-dent. Contributing factor it is necessary to consider moon or sun sign, Capricorn or Aquarius.

what is Always important is the aspect of Saturn on the ascendant or its ruler. Since Saturn aspectrum third and tenth house from itself, then these aspects should be carefully studied. Often Saturn is strong in the eleventh house, aspective the ascendant and being in the best of homes upacaya (growing houses), where it is usually beneficial. Yet Saturn can be a strong in the fourth house, aspective as the ascendant and house of the mind. Saturn, located in connection with the sun or the Moon, can enhance their influence, but not always it will be good.

--David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology

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