Solar types

the Sun represents the positive, or balanced side of the fiery energy, Agni and Pitta. Among all the other types of solar are usually the healthiest because of their strong fiery energy gives a good digestion and blood circulation and burns out all the poisons and pathogens that can cause disease. They have a strong immune system and rarely that they came down with something serious.


the Sun's influence is clearly traceable in all their appearance. Their appearance is bright, as if with a Golden or bronze tint. Eyes bright, attractive, radiating light.

they usually have an average body type with muscular. Among them the excess or deficiency of body weight is rare. As the secondary for such people there is a Vata dosha, as they sometimes lean.

Astrological factors

the solar type is created in case, if the Sun is badly situated in the horoscope. This can happen if the Sun is on the ascendant or in other angular houses (especially in tenth), especially if it is in his own sign Leo, or the sign of its exaltation (Aries). Usually the ascendant in Leo gives sun the type, if several planets do not prevail over the ascendant or its ruler the Sun.

If several other planets, with the Sun in Leo, it is a supporting factor for the creation of the solar type. Another important factor is the aspect of the Sun to the ascendant or its ruler. On the planet, with the Sun usually accept its power and thus make it even stronger. Exception — Saturn and Ketu, which can loosen it.

--David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology

about the Sun

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Among all the other types of solar are usually the healthiest because...

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