Venusian types

Venusian types of all planetary types are the most cute in appearance, representing the more attractive side of Kapha dosha. They have average body and average weight, they are seldom very high or very low, very thin or very heavy. Their characteristic rounded features and a well-developed tissue of the body, though they are rarely obese. As Venusians care of your appearance, it helps them to keep their Kapha dosha from excessive development.


Venusian types attractive eyes, hair and satin skin. Brush well formed, soft, palm without deep lines. They have a high sexual activity. Features several feminine, even in men. They have strength and endurance as well as stamina.

As a rule, the Venusian types good health. They live long and love life. They like to be in good shape, but sometimes the external beauty replaces the internal well-being. The representatives of this type trying to look young, even if for the sake of this goal it is necessary to plaster yourself with makeup, to go under the surgeon's knife and to resort to other unnatural measures. Their disease, mainly from promiscuity and associated with the reproductive system.

In psychological terms, the Venus types are romantically configured, although with a tinge of vanity. Relationship problems, separation from a partner make them suffer more deeply than anyone of the other planetary types. They are very social and prefer to work in a team, are very receptive and can be extremely vulnerable, especially having struck the moon in the horoscope. Along with different creative abilities they have vivid imaginations and vivid dreams.

Venus types love comfort and elegance, I like to enjoy things, including their own bodies. They get pleasure from expensive jewelry and home luxuries, often Excel in business and trade. Having impeccable sense of form, they often become good artists and designers. As with other Kapha-types, they can easily the accumulation of wealth and property and, in particular, art. However, the Venusian types are accumulation rather because of the social value of things, not for investment. Often their lives revolve around earning money and supporting their image in the eyes of others. They like to take on the role of leader, but often not from a need to dominate, and because of the desire to please people.

As a rule, the Venusian types of ethical behavior and are capable of genuine love and devotion, but for the sake of indulging our desires will shy away from the paths of righteousness. They tend to maintain external beauty, glamour and illusion to an extreme degree. Spiritual aspirations, as a rule, lead them on the path of devotion or love for the chosen deity (bhakti yoga) and the path of Tantra. They also characterized by the development of psychic abilities. Many astrologers can detect a strong Venus in the horoscope.

Astrological factors

Venusian types are formed in the presence of strong Venus in the horoscope, for example, if Venus in the ascendant or in other angular houses, particularly if it is located in the signs of their possessions (Taurus, Libra) or in exaltation sign (Pisces). Ascendency-driven by Venus (Taurus, Libra) create, as a rule, the Venusian type, unless another planet is not aspectrum similarly, Venus and ascendant. Moon or sun-sign in Taurus or Libra is a contributing factor.

Another important aspect of Venus on the ascendant or its ruler. Well, if Venus is not burned — burning weakens it. Although Venus will not be affected, just being in the same sign with the Sun, she becomes weak in the case of finding within 10° from the Sun, and quite weak, if located within 5° from it.

--David Frawley, Ayurvedic astrology

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Venusian types of all planetary types are the most cute in appearance...

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