The effect of planets in various zodiac signs


All these interpretations are fully applicable only in those cases where not only is the planet strongest analyze, but the house in which it stands, and the ruler of that house, is also strong. If, on the contrary, all of these three factors is weak, then data interpretation is entirely inapplicable.

Prosperity and disaster of each house of the horoscope should be predicted according to the strength of the house and its ruler.

When you analyze homes, you should first take into account the strength of the house and its ruler. So, when the rising sign and its ruler is strong, the person will have good health. When the second house and its ruler strong, the person will be rich. When the third house and its ruler strong, it shows the prosperity of the native brothers, etc. However, as noted Varahamihira, 6th, 8th and 12th houses results should be evaluated in the opposite way, i.e., the weaker these houses and their rulers, the more favorable will be their action.

The sun in zodiac signs

When the Sun is in Aries not in deep exaltation, the person will become famous, gifted, traveler, he will have little wealth and will to bear arms...

Moon or ascendant in the zodiac signs

Round and red eyes, a hot drink and light foods likes grains, easily calmed, traveler, passionate, bad knees, changeable wealth, courageous, like women, good servant, bad nails, scar or wound on the head, proud, chief among brothers, has the palm line of force (Shakti Rekha), whimsical and afraid of the water...

Mercury in zodiac signs

Mercury in Aries and Scorpio — likes gambling, borrowing and drinking, atheist, thief, poor, bad wife, a cheat and a liar...

Venus in the signs of the zodiac

Venus in Aries and Scorpio — love foreign women, losing money because of their flattery, hates their origin...

Mars in the zodiac signs

Mars in Aries and Scorpio — respected by kings, traveller, commander, merchant, rich, the body in wounds or scars, the thief, dashing between sensual pleasures or goals...

Jupiter in zodiac signs

Jupiter in Aries and Scorpio — commander, has a large family, children and wealth, generous, good servants, forgiving, handsome, good wife and famous...

Saturn in the signs of the zodiac

Saturn in Aries — ignorant, itinerant, cheat and friendless...

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The influence of the planets in specific signs of the zodiac in the Natal chart

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