Mars in the zodiac signs

Mars in Aries or Scorpio

Mars in Aries and Scorpio — respected by kings, traveller, commander, merchant, rich, the body in wounds or scars, the thief, dashing between sensual pleasures or purposes.

Mars in Taurus or Libra

Mars in Taurus and Libra — slave to women, ungrateful friend, loves other people's wives, the deceiver, fat, shy and uncommunicative.

Mars in Gemini or Virgo

Mars in Gemini and Virgo — jealous, has a son, has no friends, grateful, gifted in music and the military, miserly, undaunted, the beggar.

Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer — rich, wealth acquired by ships or to travel, intelligent, lacks parts of the body, ill.

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo — poor, enduring, traveling in forests, few children and wives.

Mars in Sagittarius or Pisces

Mars in Sagittarius and Pisces-many enemies, Minister, renowned, brave, little children.

Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn — a lot of wealth and many children, is a king or equal to him.

Mars in Aquarius

Mars in Aquarius — sorrowful, poor, traveller, false and irritable.


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the influence of Mars depending on its position in the zodiac sign

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