Moon or ascendant in the zodiac signs

Moon or ascendant in Aries

Round and red eyes, a hot drink and light foods likes grains, easily calmed, traveler, passionate, bad knees, changeable wealth, courageous, like women, good servant, bad nails, scar or wound on the head, proud, chief among brothers, has the palm line of force (satirica), whimsical and afraid of the water.

hydrophobic (KOICA Bhiru) — according to another version — ATI Bhiru, i.e. the person who is afraid very much.

Moon or ascendant in Taurus

Beautiful, playful walk, long thighs and face, flanks and face have several scars, generous, good tolerance to fatigue, owning personal property having a girls-phlegmatic, separated from elders, relations, family, wealth and children; popular, patient, good digestion, loved by women, strong friendships, happy in middle and end of life.

Moon or ascendant in Gemini

Loving women, skilled in sexual skills, red eyes, scientist, Ambassador, curly hair, intellectual ability, knowledge of human nature and gambling, handsome body part, a pleasant speech, good eater, loves music, a skilled dancer, plays with the weak, highly upturned nose.

Moon or ascendant in Cancer

he Walks hunched over and fast, large buttocks, submissive to women, good friends, astrologer, many houses, wealth comes and wanes like the moon, short, strong neck, ready to respond to kind words, fond of friends, water, gardens and orchards.

Moon or ascendant in Leo

Angry, high or broad cheeks, coloured eyes, few children, hater, loves raw meat, wilderness and mountains, long adversity, suffering from diseases resulting from hunger and thirst, [from a disease] of the stomach, teeth and mind; generous, brave, constant, haughty mind, obedient to mother.

Moon or ascendant in Virgo

Gait and form will differ by modesty, bent shoulders and hands, happy, soft-spoken, truthful, generous and sympathetic, skilled in the arts, educated in the Sciences, intelligent, passionate, possessed the wealth and the homes of other people, living abroad, calm speech, [he makes] his daughter, but [do] little offspring.

Moon or ascendant in Libra

Love to read of gods, Brahmins, pious people, intelligent, clean, submissive to women, tall, long nose, weak and dislocated members, traveller, rich, ill-developed body parts, skilled in the trade, has a second name that belongs to God, painful, assisting the family members and relatives who force to anything or refuse him.

Moon or ascendant in Scorpio

Broad eyes and chest, round knees, buttocks and thighs, at variance with his parents and guru, sickly in early childhood, distinguished members of the Royal family, [eye or hair] honey-color, cruel, has marks in the shape of a Pisces, vajrayudha and bird, secret sinner.

Vajrayudha—the weapon of Indra, hurled the thunders of Perun, made from the spine of sage Dadhīci.

the Moon or ascendant in Sagittarius

Elongate the face and neck, paternal wealth, generous, poet, strong, capable, speaker, thick teeth, ears, and nose; active in the work of the fine arts, bent shoulders bad nails, strong arms, highly intelligent, skilled in virtuous knowledge, hates relatives, it is possible to win honest ways and heartfelt words.

Moon or ascendant in Capricorn

the pleasure of his wife and children, pretending charity, lean in the lower half of the body, good eyes, lean buttocks, tenacious mind, popular, disabled, unable to tolerate cold, traveller, strong or generous, a poet, educated, avaricious, guilty of incest and low ties, shameless, and ruthless.

Moon or ascendant in Aquarius

Long neck like a camel, bulging veins and arteries, rough and thick hair, long body, big legs, hip, buttocks, back, waist, face, stubborn, loves the wealth of others and others ' women, sinful, changeable fortune, surrounded by fresh flowers, scents and friends, suffering fatigue on the road.

Moon or ascendant in Pisces

Enjoy someone else's wealth and Maritime things, loves his wife and clothes, nice body with good proportions, protruding nose, big head, wins the enemies, is accountable to women, charming eyes, enjoying treasure, found the treasure and shiny things, rich and educated.

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the influence of the moon and the ascendant depending on its position in the zodiac sign

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