Potency, sexual intercourse


Sometimes the consultations people complain about the appearance of dissatisfaction because of the short intimacy with your sexual partner. This is exacerbated with age, but young people face such problems. Some consulted suggest that perhaps it is connected with the planetary periods and ask whether they will pass over time, such an attack, or just what to do to change this situation?

potency, sexual intercourse

Potency and yoga

People who seriously practice Yoga, the availability of sexual contacts and the duration of sexual intercourse does not occur. However, this does not mean sexual weakness, low libido. Traditionally, the period of sexual activity of a Yogi begins with coming of age and ends at age 60. 60 years is the age when the Yogi makes a decision concerning its social and spiritual life and is not the limit the sexual functionality due to the characteristics of the organism. As for the sexual aspects of a Yogi, they are not confined to any age. It is believed that the body may retain all functionality, including functions of a sexual nature, up to the time of death.

Tradition indicates that the functionality of the body gives the active energy of Kundalini. Exactly Kundalini is considered to be the original cause of all phenomena, including the world itself. This is evident from the expression: Kundalini Adi Shakti; which can be translated as: Kundalini Original "Engine". There are a set of techniques for working with Kundalini. And this is a topic that a great and serious conversation. Her thorough investigation is needed to people who have decided to devote to studying this my entire life. If you are hesitant to make such a dedication, but would like to improve your potency, to make intercourse longer to bring his partner maximum satisfaction, then the method given below for you.

Simple exercises to increase potency

To enhance sexual activity you need daily to perform a few simple physical exercises. In these exercises there is a remarkable quality. You can perform them at the time of the planned intimacy with a partner. the Potentiality rises just a few accomplishments. If you will be parting with a partner and no need to maintain a high level of potency, you can stop performing these exercises at the time of separation. The resumption of performance of these exercises leads to a very rapid increase in potency.

If you because of age or some psychological factors low level of potency, in performing these simple exercises for a couple or three weeks, your level will increase. Sorry, can't what to say about cases where there are injuries or diseases of the genitourinary system.

Doing these exercises within only 3-5 minutes morning and evening, after 3-6 weeks you will be able to extend sexual intercourse up to 40-60 minutes. The manifestation of enthusiasm, observation, and, in a sense, skill, time, sexual intercourse may be increased to several hours. The frequency of relations will also greatly increased.

Themselves exercise are shown in the video. They are not something special and run even in the presence of children of any age.

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Please note that the exercises are simple and duration the video is just 8 min. And these 8 minutes can significantly improve Your situation.

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Attention!!! Video in Russian, but the exercises are simple and understandable.


Please note that performing pranayama mentioned in the video, you need to always inhale through the left nostril, and exhale through the right!

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Simple recommendation to increase male potency, increasing the frequency and prolonging the time of sexual intercourse

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Thanks for the exercises. Such quick results are not expected. Improvement began after a couple of sessions. A week later, my wife slept on the job )

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