practicum "KA - the power of creation"

For whom the workshop

the workshop, in everyday terms, is designed for people who want to learn a simple Yogic techniques eliminate various kinds of sufferings, anxieties and fears, to make their lives richer and more positive, to a certain extent, improve the body; in Astrological terms - for people who want to learn a simple Yogic techniques to remove negative Astrological influences; in terms of self - development for those who your thoughts and aspirations aimed at the development of the fine qualities of feeling, knowledge and achievement transformation into a transcendent being for the benefit of all living beings.

workshop KA - the power of creation


In view of the Ancient power of the KA in the future I will call it simplistic - Prana is the substance that underlies the World. As a basis, it identifies all perceived objects, connections and relationships between them. In the Vedic tradition says that Lord Vishnu, the Creator of the World (for another view - the Keeper of the World) wakes up and goes to sleep by "command" of this great Power.

Prana not only affects tangible objects and organs of perception and action, but also on the Mind, which the ancients considered as the organ of perception and the organ of action.

the Ancients say that our attitude to the World, his understanding and expression of it, the state of health and Mind, as well as the World's answer for our actions depends entirely on the condition of the so-called Pranic channels that form our body, and what qualities in these channels, there is Prana.

the Different States of Prana yield different results. Some States provide fertile ground for any kind of activity, while others contribute to the strengthening of physical health, and others determine the presence of intuition, astral vision, the ability to dream and subtle perception. There are qualities that are confusion in the Affairs and thoughts, the outcome of any actions make miserable. Other States completely destroy any social results, lead to the loss of values, meanings of life, depression. Pranic such conditions should be avoided. Other pranic status is only suitable for spiritual development. In case of incorrect use, the result can be absolutely unpredictable and even tragic.

the Workshop "K - power of creation" is devoted to the conscious regulation of the state of Prana and redirecting it to specific pranic channels. Skills like control of Prana will allow you to take control of your life, make Body and Mind more strong and healthy, Attention - driven, focused and sharp; the Operation is successful, and the reaction of the World that occurs outside of Your own will or desires, is an interesting, diverse, attractive and instructive.

the results of the management skills applicable Prana brand in all areas of life.

According to leading Vedic Astrologers, the application of Yogic methods in the correction of Astrological influences are the most effective means. Because management skills, Prana is very important to carry out such corrections.

management Skills, Prana is just as important in terms of spiritual practices. Especially in such applied areas as: the Dream, the Transference of consciousness, Astral vision, Silent knowledge, Concentration of mind etc. After all, certain qualities of the Prana make the Mind focused Vision - a sustainable, Awareness and Understanding is deep.

According to the ancient practitioners, such skills not only help solve the human-readable questions and provide needs. At a sufficiently responsible approach to practice management skills with qualities of Prana provides the transformation of human beings into something transcendental in Being able to maintain Awareness outside of time and space.

the Techniques used in the workshop are applicable to practitioners in any state. Typically, this is due to the fact that the duration and intensity of practice of each practitioner defines for himself. However, it should be understood that when operating in the state party, should generally conform to the concept in a satisfactory condition adopted in the social environment.


  • learning management qualities of the Prana
  • to study the effect of qualities of Prana for life circumstances and the results of training
  • strengthening the pranic channels
  • elimination of Drowsiness, Anxiety, Fears, and other manifestations of impaired movement of Prana
  • eliminate negative circumstances of life
  • elimination of negative Astrological influences
  • strengthen the concentration of Mind, liberation from obsessions
  • opening up of the potential associated with Awareness, Intuition, Vision

For more experienced participants

  • in-depth practical skills
  • focusing on the movement of Prana outside the body
  • providing support to less experienced members

the following questions Will be considered and techniques

  • Time of day, phase, and duration of good practice
  • Wise to control the qualities of the Prana
  • methods of concentration
  • breathing techniques

holding Time

Duration of workshop 1 day.
Beginning 12:00 1.04.2017
Conclusion 12:00 2.04.2017
Place: Moscow, Kunsangar North - retreat center of the Dzogchen community

Pre-registration is required!

Without reservation perhaps the lack of beds in the accommodation.



  • management fee (payable three times a day vegetarian diet, to sleep in the accommodation, linen, etc.)
  • the payment of the workshop

To the value of a differentiated approach

Participation of one person when you pay with

  • to 26.02.2017 - 6, 000
  • to 12.03.2017 - 7 000
  • to 26.03.2017 - 8, 000
  • after 26.03.2017 - 9 000

Part of a pair (or more) when you pay with

  • to 26.02.2017 - 10 000 (5 000 per person)
  • to 12.03.2017 - 12 000 (6 000 per person)
  • to 26.03.2017 - 14 000 (7 000 per person)
  • after 26.03.2017 - 16 000 (8 000 per person)

Note before participating in any of my workshops!

You need to make the conference fee is 2 500 rubles per participant. Participation in the workshop can be made in such amounts as they deem reasonable or possible.

How to participate

to participate You need to send a letter to the address

Enter the subject

  • Workshop KA - power of creation

to Specify in the letter

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  • Contact phone
  • Number of participants
  • Any additional information

further details

For further details on the workshop can be contacted directly with me

With best regards and wishes for Many Blessings!

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The study of the effect of Prana on life and results practices. Strengthening the pranic channels. Elimination of Sleepiness, Anxieties...

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review :

Olga, отзыв
I want to share impressions of the workshop "Transfer of consciousness" In addition to a large amount of information needed to understand the necessity of using those practices that were a key basis of the workshop, there were many answers to the pressing questions of the participants. For example for me it is very appropriate come to understand why the practice of "yoga Nidra" gives frequent kickbacks in the form of depression, is not satisfied. We must not forget that before to relax and merge into oneness with the universe , you need to work and to develop their abilities, given to us as a potential. The workshop was presented and explained a system of methods development, harmonization and transformation of consciousness and body as a whole. Methods available for use to everyone, they can take advantage of literally anyone. Was provided possible errors in data practices that were identified leading to the result of personal experience. Which is very valuable. The workshop will be interesting for those who are focused on work, on getting results. As the presenter provides tools, tested them, with the provision of safety in their use. The essence of the experience of years of work, on a silver platter))). Unfortunately, it was not possible to make a video because that is something I would like to reconsider and clarify. There are issues that emerge after the event. But luckily, the leading response, always online and willing to help . Thank you for the workshop!
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review :

Nicholas, отзыв
Gosh, thank you for the great seminar! The mood I would call it a retreat, generous, and concerned the transfer of personal developments, very interesting, unusual and creative approach to the study of the possibilities of our consciousness. Never seen such attentive and sincere attitude to each participant. Got a lot, felt border crossing, I realized what to do, where before it was deadlocked. System practical diving gave more than hundreds of pages read. And vosche... well respected... Nicholas.
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review :

Marina, отзыв
Good evening all! My husband and I were at the workshop "Transfer of consciousness stage 1",are very happy and impressed by goshi Udgitha!Early.when I read links to goshi for Wasps,Stalking, etc. were just glad to finally have found the right person,which is in tune with understanding what thoughts were on this topic from me. Gosh unique and true warrior,his presentation of the material is very affordable and just enters into you, and you realize that this is the case,and not otherwise.Together with the response, you will analyze,look for meaning and understanding,i.e. there is a mutual desire to understand the structure,try innovation and be the partner experience which will give impetus to a new understanding,transference of consciousness happens not only in the practice of lucid dreaming ,but in real action! Importantly,the joint intention and commitment to understanding!Very interesting scheme from the bodies of the manifestations,after the transition to the 5 elements to consciousness and life.forces and to Shunyi,most importantly,the scheme is working and in the real world,especially when gosh everything is so laid out on the shelves.I think if as many people as possible about this scheme knew,then life would be changed!Explanation of the 5 elements-well, just no words! Bravo ,Gosh! I can imagine how much I had to shovel the literature,skip all and so brilliantly and explain!Amazing exercises for breathing,super-exercise for the mind transfer! I am very happy! More such people who do all their experience so set out,share everything! Gosh! You have beautiful eyes,and such purity,strength,mind! you're terrific! In Moscow there is a great talent,Ilya Blokhin,it would be good to meet you!Finish your opinion what's just and highly recommend-go to the Wizard,and your way will be in the right direction!
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a note from goshi: Workshops "Energy dreams" and "Transference of consciousness", which was held during the last 10 years, as well as seek the most effective and accessible methods of transformation of man eventually led to the emergence of a new group of workshops designed for different levels of learning and different aspirations. Workshop "KA - force of creation" - this is the easiest workshop, which is suitable to the widest possible audience, without special training, and even with a relatively weak condition. Other workshops this group is somewhat more complicated and require initial training, which just gives a "KA - the power of creation".

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