Shodasavargas for professional astrologer

16 Varg for professional astrologers

Special birth horoscope (Natal chart) is intended for use by professional astrologers. It contains 16 sections - divisions of the Natal chart in accordance with the prescriptions of an ancient sage Parasara Maharshi. Such a division is necessary to determine absolutely the exact influence of the planets on the various aspects of human life. Maharshi Parasara prescribes to calculate these sections every Vedic astrologer.

That's what this speaks Maharshi Parasara:

7:2-4. The names of the 16 SECTIONS: Parasara said: O Maitreya, Lord Brahma is the father of the Universe has described 16 kinds of Vargas (sections), each Rashi (sign). The names of Varg following: Griha (Rasi), Choir, Drakkan, Chaturdashi, Saptamana, Navamsa, Dashamamsha, Dwadasamsa, Shodasamsa, Vimamsa, Caterville, Captaincasa (Phamsa), Trimsamsa, Chawatama, Aceveda and Shastina.

8:1-8. USING 16 PARTITIONS: Now I will tell You about the consideration and use of these 16 Varg Rashi.

  • Lagna is considered the body type (physique),
  • Choir - the wealth,
  • Drakkari - happiness from brothers and sisters,
  • Courthouse - fortune (wealth),
  • Saptamani the sons and grandsons,
  • Navamsa - wife,
  • Dashamamsha - results of great importance (human influence on government circles, position, power, status, profession, and so on),
  • Dwadasamsa - parents,
  • Shodasamsa need to know about the profits, privileges and fatalities due to vehicles,
  • Vimamsa is determined by the veneration (worship),
  • Caterpillars - knowledge,
  • Captaincasa (Bamse) - strength and weakness,
  • Trimsamsa - damaging results,
  • Chaudasse - the favorable and unfavorable results,
  • and on Aceveda and Shastine should be considered all the testimony.

There is no doubt in reducing and destroying the value of that bhava whose ruler is harmful Estiamte say Garga and other sages. The same Garga and other sages have said concerning the increase and flourishing of the values of the bhava, whose ruler is the beneficial Shodasamsa. So, as I told You, discusses Stasavage [16 sections].

Maharshi Parasara, Brihat-Parashara-Hora-sastra*
(*Brhad-Parasara-Hora-Shastra - the most ancient and authoritative treatise on Vedic Astrology. This book is recognized as the Foundation of Jyotisha.)

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Enter the details of the birth. It will be made up of special birth Horoscope, consisting of 16 Warg (sections).

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Shodasavargas - division Special birthday card for the 16 Varg (sections) for making the most accurate astrological judgements

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