Questions and answers online


If in doubt about the decision, ask a question!

Ask a question online and immediately receive a response from the astrological point of view. Questions to ask simple one question should be answered in the form of approval (YES) or negation (NO). for Example: "will I marry until the end of the year?" Questions implying the answer selecting one of the options is invalid. For example: "Should I dye my hair red or better yet like a brunette?"

It should also be remembered that to obtain a positive answer to this question may not come any time. The way to resolve the issue depends on the position of the planets in the sky at the time the job issue. If You do not receive a satisfactory answer, wait some time and ask the question again. Usually the situation with a resolution to Your problem can change in a week or two.

Questions and answers online

    Below are examples of questions that are correctly set:
  • Can a pregnant sunbathe?
  • Do I need a permit for the child?
  • Should I buy dollars?
  • Do I need to change the name of marriage?
  • Does it have to me?
  • Do highlights?
  • To work as a teacher?
  • What about the food?

Please note that birth data should indicate the person who asks the question. For example, if You ask "do my child to the Institute this year?", enter Your birth data, but as not Your child. Incorrect birth data may lead to erroneous forecasting.

Ask one question the answer to which You want to

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The position of the planets at the time of job issue


Decoding the position of the planets

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