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Samvatsara, approximately speaking, means the period of one year. The time during which the Guru Graha (Jupiter) with it's average speed is one Rashi (sign) is approximately Samvatsara. So there I was, 12 Samvatsara when Guru (Jupiter) is a circle of zodiac (360°). When you move Guru (Jupiter) through the Rashi of the zodiac, sometimes it is close to the Earth and sometimes far away. In addition, it also comes into contact with a favorable or unfavorable rays during its movement. That's why the results of each of Samvatsari will be different. Sixty Samvatsara repeated in 60-year cycles. In the beginning of creation, Guru (Jupiter) and Shani (Saturn) was at zero degrees Mesha (Aries). The average daily movement of the Shani (Saturn) - 2 Kala (angular minutes). Therefore, Shani (Saturn) full 30 years it takes to circle the zodiac. Average daily traffic Guru (Jupiter) - 5 Cal (angular minutes). Therefore, Guru (Jupiter) requires a full 12 years to complete its movement for 12 Rashi (signs) of the zodiac. Minimum cycle, when at one point completed a 30-year-old and 12-legni cycles is 60 years. Consequently, every 60 years, both Graha Guru and Shani both are in 0° of Mesha Rashi (Aries). Thus the mutual movement of various angles formed between Guru (Jupiter) and Shani (Saturn) affect the results of Samvatsari. In deystvitelnosti, no other relationship other Grahas (planets) do not affect the individual, area or country so much as the mutual angular position of Shani and Guru.

-- Girish Chand Sharma, commentary on the Jataka-Sharanam

The set of 5 (five) Samvatsari sometimes referred to as "era" or "age" (Yuga, Yuga). If you study the history of past 300 years (in any area of civilization), we find that in a certain period people were born with certain aptitudes and character, regardless of whether their activity is related to science, art or literature, whether they were freedom fighters or reformers of society. It is not surprising that people born in the same Samvatsara should have mostly similar qualities.

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Description born in the 60's (samvatsara) Vedic astrological system of Jyotish, the Pandit Dhundiraj in labor Jataka-Sharanam

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