The signs of the zodiac

Zodiac sign Aries

To know what are the signs of the zodiac Aries From Mesha (Aries) scarlet complexion, he has a big solid body; it is a quadruped Rashi and becomes a strong night. He lives in the East, belongs to the Royal caste and wanders the hills. It is dominated by the Rajas guna, it stems from the back and is fiery; its ruler is Mangal (Mars)...

Zodiac sign Taurus

To know what are the signs of the zodiac Taurus From Vrishabha (Taurus) the white complexion and he managed Chukrai (Venus). It is long and heavy night; it is a quadruped Rashi. He lives in the South and in the villages. He of the caste of Vaisya, its elements - Prithvi (Earth); he is Rajoguni and ascend from the back...

Zodiac sign Gemini

To know what are the signs of the zodiac Gemini Mithuna (Gemini) rises from the head, it looks like two people (man and woman) holding a Mace and lute; he lives in the West and its element is air; it is Rashi two-legged animal; he is strong in the night, live in the villages and he has a Vata nature; his body is smooth and its colour is green like grass. Its ruler budha (mercury)...

Zodiac sign Cancer

To know what are the signs of the zodiac Cancer Complexion Karka (Cancer) - pale red, he lives in the woods, he is a Brahmin by caste and he is a strong night. He has a lot of legs and fat body; he's sattvic nature, its element is Jala (Water); he rises from behind, and Chandra (Moon) is the ruler...

Zodiac sign Leo

To know what are the signs of the zodiac LeoRashi Simha (Leo) sattva nature and it is controlled Surya (the Sun); he's got four legs, he is Kshatriya (warrior) caste, and lives in forests; it rises from the head, his fat physique and pale complexion; he lives in the East and strong day...

Zodiac sign Virgo

To know what are the signs of the zodiac Virgo About Rashi Kanya (Virgo) say "Parvati" ("living in the hills"). This Rashi is strong in the afternoon, ascend from the head and body of medium size. He refers to the two-legged animals and lives in the South. It keeps the grain (sheaf), and fire (lamp) in their hands. He is from Varna (caste) Vaisya and he colored. Its element is Vayu (Air); he is a virgin and he Tamoguni, in nature he is like the character of the child and its ruler is budha (mercury)...

Zodiac sign Libra

To know what are the signs of the zodiac Libra Tula (Libra), rises from the head, it is a strong day, he has a black complexion, he Rajoguni by nature; he lives in the West and travels to earth; he's got a temper and he is of the Sudra-Varna; his figure of the middle size; he's a bipedal animal. Its ruler is Shukra (Venus)...

Zodiac sign Scorpio

To know what are the signs of the zodiac Scorpio Rashi Vrishchika (Scorpio) slim body and many legs (he "centipede"). He is brahmin by Varna and lives in holes (burrows). Its direction is North and it is a strong day. His complexion is reddish-brown, it lives in water and on land. He's got a hairy body, very sharp front part (the sting) and its ruler is Mangal (Mars)...

Zodiac sign Sagittarius

To know what are the signs of the zodiac Sagittarius Rashi Dhanu (Sagittarius) rises from behind his ruler - Guru (Jupiter). This Sattva rush. He has a pale complexion and he is strong in the night, his element is Agni (Fire), and its Varna is the Kshatriya (military or Royal caste). This Rashi is a two-legged animal up to 15 degrees and four-legged after. He has a smooth body and he is holding a bow and arrow. He lives in the East and travels to earth. Brahma - the Creator made it Great...

Zodiac sign Capricorn

To know what are the signs of the zodiac Capricorn Rashi Makar (Capricorn) is governed by Shani (Saturn), he is Tamoguni by nature and its elements - Prithvi (Earth). He was in the South and he's a strong night. He rises from behind his huge clumsy body, it is colourful and wanders the earth and forests. It is quadruped in the first half (15 g) and legless in the second half (after 15гр) and glides through the water...

Zodiac sign Aquarius

To know what are the signs of the zodiac Aquarius Kumbha Rashi (Aquarius) is in the form of a man holding a pitcher. He has a brown complexion and body type medium size; it is two-legged animals. It is a strong day, lives in deep water and its element is Vayu (Air). He rises from his head and he tamoguni in nature. He's from Varna of Sudras (Men of low origin). Its direction is West. It is controlled Shani (Saturn)...

Zodiac sign Pisces

To know what are the signs of the zodiac Pisces Rashi Meena (Pisces) is in the form of two fish, the tail of one is connected to the other head; rush of strong day. Its element is Jala (Water) and he is by nature Satvaguna - beneficial. He slips in the water and belongs to the Brahmin Varna. He was legless, his body of medium size, he lives in the Northern direction and rises with the head and back. Its ruler is Brihaspati (Guru, Jupiter) is the teacher of Gods...

The position of the planets in zodiac signs

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The tropical zodiac or the sidereal

Although objectively the Earth moves around the Sun in an elliptical orbit, the earth think that the Sun moves around our planet. The line on which it is made, the apparent movement of the Sun, called the Ecliptic. The movement of the nine planets of Jyotish, as it is seen by us from earth, occurs within a "ribbon" that encircles the sky extending for about eight degrees to the North and the same South of the Ecliptic. This limited zone of the sky within which the "wandering" of the planet, is called the zodiac. The zodiac is divided lengthwise into 360 degrees (°). Each degree is divided into 60 arc minutes ( ' ) and each minute into 60 seconds...
--Hart Defao and Robert Svoboda, Jyotish. Introduction to Indian astrology. The tropical zodiac or the sidereal. read more

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Description 12 zodiac signs, their qualities and characteristics, the impact on the identity of the person. The sidereal and Tropical Zodiacs, the emergence of differences

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