Horoscope for the sign Cancer
in Vedic Astrology

Cancer Rising

Cancer is the token associated with the element of water, and points to the emotional nature. He is symbolized by the crab; crayfish usually have a penchant for complaints, expression of dissatisfaction. Cancer is feminine in nature, therefore born under this sign are sensitive, often worried over nothing, but genuinely care about others. Usually Cancer link the attachment to family life and property. Other features of the "cancers" includes mental alertness, intelligence, agility, thrift or stinginess, curiosity, compassion to the needy.

Cancer in Vedic astrology Jyotish

Cancers expressive, they can often be seen on stage, or busy because it gives them the opportunity of contact with the public. They surround themselves with many relatives. They are proud, virtuous, talkative, interested in astrology. Cancers own property, love to live close to the water. They prefer to have few children, or do not have. They are strongly influenced by their partners in marriage. They have a lot of friends. Cancers are romantic, shy, grateful, imaginative character.

Their appearance - short stature, thick neck, thick body. They are honest, sincere, but can sometimes be overly emotional and in their family life often feel a sense of disappointment. They prefer to learn about something before you judge it. They love to travel abroad and know several languages. They are just more happy when I have all the necessities of life and unable to follow the inclinations of your heart, or intuition. Their character - stranichki, they are unstable in their occupations.

Moon in Cancer

Cancer is associated with the element water, symbolized by the crab. Cancer indicates sensitivity, receptivity; they are easy to offend. They can be prone to complaints if their cases are not in perfect condition. Cancer is a brahminical sign that indicates the mind's ability to comprehend philosophical ideas and possess the energy, giving the ability to concentrate and meditate. Cancer is feminine and calm, and therefore such people are soft-hearted and try not to hurt others. The nature of Cancer - home, so they are attached to his property. If the Moon is in the horoscope, attenuated adverse effects, Cancers can become selfish and Stateline. When the Moon is in the horoscope is in Cancer, she is in her sign, she's strong. So things represented by the Moon, bring these people happiness; they enjoy public life, partying, they inherit the good qualities of their mothers and are in a good relationship with them. Cancers provided opportunities for journeys on water and to test a variety of pleasures. They are successful in matters associated with day-to-day needs of society.

Mind Cancer is strong, he is able bravely, bravely accept life's challenges. Because of the great sensitivity of their relationships with other people often lose the stability. People with Moon in Cancer is often more than one marriage. They love social life; due to their desire for recognition, you see them on stage. Cancer is associated with the element water, so these people can have a full body, or a tendency to drink to intoxication to soothe. Their gait is quick, thigh high, they will strongly influence the opposite sex, they will have great friends, will have knowledge of astrology, will own houses; they will have a thick neck, they will love the water; they can be conciliate by kind words. Cancers know the languages that are in contact with influential people, proud, talkative and of strong body.

Horoscope for Cancer for today,

You can expect the promotion of the success of your plans, be sure and brave, maneuver, achieving success at work and increasing your fame; meet with important people. This time is also good for humanitarian activities. Pay attention, come forward. For renunciation is not a suitable transit.

-- Рекомендации к совершению определенной деятельности, с учетом местности в которой Вы находитесь и текущего лунного дня, смотрите в лунном календаре на год.

Improved health, greater courage, new sources of income. This is a good month to demonstrate their abilities and, especially, skills of hands and voices, for the purchase of what you want. This period is good for correspondence, written works, in order to see relatives, for talks on the phone and to take vows. Can be obtained good news; you can purchase new equipment. This is a good month for making decisions.

Good investment, communication with important people, happiness related to children. Progress in study and in prayer, enjoying the entertainment. This time is good for financial gains and increases stavy.

The absence of disease, overcoming the resistance of the opponents, enjoying the society of the opposite sex, opportunities in the field of work.

This horoscope based on the transits of the planets relative to the Natal moon is situated in sign Cancer. If You don't know in what sign is Your Natal Moon, make a Natal chart (it will indicate the sign of the moon) and view the horoscope for the corresponding sign.

Sun in Cancer

the Sun in Cancer in the horoscope is the sign of a person who can be kind, sincere, warm-hearted and shows his love for the solemn rituals. It is linked to your home property or enjoy life in natural surroundings or in surroundings of luxury. Cancer is movable and "water". Cancers have the capacity for dealing with liquid products or activities associated with travel. They like to live close to the water, to swim, they are happy to travel to the tropics or the sea. Born with the Sun in the horoscope, Cancer is very sincere in his affections. They have stubborn, sensitive, emotional. In the process of their decision-making play an important role feelings. Cancers are shy, their manners are kept, but they are receptive to new ideas and insightful. They usually understand what is good and what is right, but sometimes overestimate their own ideas.

In your career or in your social position Cancers is experiencing UPS and downs. It's frugal, conservative warehouse people, easy-going nature. They are tied to home and family; love of pleasure, fun and entertainment; have a strong imagination and a good memory. They sometimes suffer from digestive disorders, weakness of digestion or constipation. They are rich, their character independent. Sometimes they can be rude, but their mind and mental abilities quite bright - they just know when and who should inspire energetic expressions. They have the character of good teachers, they have a keen sense of truth. Cancers are able to sacrifice their own interests, working for the benefit of others. They suffer from exhaustion caused by travel.


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