Horoscope for the sign Leo
in Vedic Astrology

Rising lion

lion - fire sign pointing to the creative, active nature with the organizational or leadership skills. They have a majestic appearance, they are tall, or have big bones, broad-shouldered and have a pensive expression on his face. Character - noble, brave, gentle, mean, cheerful and kind-hearted. Lions truthful, sincere in their Hobbies, sensitive, are usually in a good mood, but when they're angry, not easy to calm them down. They are ambitious. Often the Lions do not reach their goals because the goals of them in front of him, is too high.

Leo in Vedic astrology Jyotish

Leo - "male sign", so they are independent, rigorous, live together with them is sometimes difficult. The nature of a lion is a very attractive and strong, reliable and independent. They are able to sacrifice, but is followed by his physical urges. The lions also follows her heart, which can lead them to poverty.

Although they usually come on their own, they are tolerant of others and easy to forgive. They are able to fight and can take a position that gives power. Lions are able to adapt to different environment. They love ceremonies and rituals, and are interested in self-knowledge.

They may have trouble in relations with their employers, or those who are trying to control them. Leo ruled by the Sun, indicating a proud, possessing qualities of the military, a deep soul, a pure heart, capable of heroism. They are sincere, and you can believe what they say. The classic texts say that those born under the ascending sign of Leo in the horoscope, be fearless, inclined to eat animal food, will love the mountains and forests, a lot, eagerly read, it will be enterprising, his name is widely known; he will annoy his relatives, will have multiple partners in marriage.

Moon in Leo

Leo - male, "fire", driven by the Sun - the king of all planets. People with the Moon is in Leo in the horoscope usually strong and brave. Of the lions make good leaders. They are generous, fair to subordinates. They have a high opinion about themselves, they feel born to play a prominent role in society. The lions are confident about the future, determined to do something, they are firm in their decision. Sometimes they act based on the audience, they love to be the center of attention. They are quite good, being associated with rich or powerful people, but also living in places located high up. Lions keep themselves in power, they are selfish, have the power to influence others to form their opinions. They are not particularly follow the established traditions and not care about what society thinks about their actions. They have a Frank and independent nature, quick to anger and quick to forgive.

The ancient text Brhad-Jataka says that the one who has the Moon is in Leo in the Natal chart will have a grumpy character, he will have broad face and big cheeks, brown eyes; he will have few children. Such people will experience hostility to the opposite sex, will love the animal food, to visit forests and mountains, will long be angry for nothing, will suffer from hunger, thirst, stomach pain and toothache. They will be generous in gifts, brave in battle, are stable in their principles, haughty and attached to his mothers. Under the influence of their own feelings and emotions, they can lose the wisdom and ability of analysis, especially in the cases of his wife and children. They are diligent, will have considerable powers of observation and perception, but their emotions will have a noticeable effect on their mind and it will make them intolerant and some of the issues. The element of fire inherent in the lion, mingling with the mental nature of the moon, creates a troubled mind and gives the character great fighter.

Horoscope for Leo for today,

You can expect the promotion of the success of your plans, be sure and brave, maneuver, achieving success at work and increasing your fame; meet with important people. This time is also good for humanitarian activities. Pay attention, come forward. For renunciation is not a suitable transit.

-- Рекомендации к совершению определенной деятельности, с учетом местности в которой Вы находитесь и текущего лунного дня, смотрите в лунном календаре на год.

Expected loss or lack of money. Postpone financial decisions until next month. Beware of excessive appetite, dental diseases, diseases of the eye and tendency to speak ill of others. Can feel friction in family life. Do not make promises and not borrow money. Beware of boasting, "close your eyes" to the actions of family members. Have on hand extra money before this month.

Accept the inevitable. This is the year of frustration in your surroundings or in your company. This year great for businesses related to education and to investing in buy the car or house. You can have a revelation which came from the depths of your heart, or your character can be improved.

Loss of investments, a disease of children or separation from them, the propensity to prayer, illnesses of the stomach, opportunities to teach.

This horoscope based on the transits of the planets relative to the Natal moon located in the sign Leo. If You don't know in what sign is Your Natal Moon, make a Natal chart (it will indicate the sign of the moon) and view the horoscope for the corresponding sign.

Sun in Leo

Leo is a fixed, positive sign, symbolized by the lion. Hence, we can conclude that a person born with the Sun in Leo is active, accomplished in many cases applying for success, in a prominent position. Sometimes they are overly high opinion of himself. They are strong, but not rude. Sometimes they will makes their mind steadily to follow their desire or decision to do something. They have a sincere heart and love to participate in humanitarian, philanthropic activities. They have organizational skills; due to their ability to inspire others, they make good leaders.

They have better than most people's health. They love to visit the mountains and forests, I like to spend time alone. Usually they genuinely love and spiritual ceremonial rituals. They can be harsh if their desire for power, power will be exaggerated. They have an independent, stubborn streak and they are often charismatic people of the warehouse. They are honest and sincere, generous, have good intuition and inventive; hold yourself with dignity.

The sun is the appearance of man and the external features of his behavior. When the Sun is in Leo, it occupies its own sign and, therefore, is in full force and effect. Therefore, such people can be attractive in appearance, have charming manners, wealth, vitality, a dreamy mind. To have the Sun in Leo - luck, because it indicates help from father, government and God, if other instructions in the table will coincide with this. However, people with the Sun in Leo can be overly selfish, too demanding, and to live with him will not be easy. If such people be treated with respect, they will respond with generosity.


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