Horoscope for the sign Libra
in Vedic Astrology

Ascending Scale

Scale - air sign, symbolized by the balanced scales. This serves as a hint that born under the ascendant Libra, interested in philosophical ideas and is highly qualified in the commercial area, where participation is required in cases of sale where you want to take and to give. They are moderate in their tastes, idealistic. Libra is moveable, controlled by Venus. Libra travel and are searching for truth, beauty and love in life. That is a positive and a strong sign that gave human history, some very influential personalities. As Libra is the seventh in the zodiac, the marriage partners and friends provide significant assistance "scales".

Libra in Vedic astrology Jyotish

With the religious direction of the mind, with a kind heart and smiling face, active, intelligent, Libra can be good judges or arbitrators. They are honest, fair, but too much to insist on the rightness of their opinions. Scales are usually tall, thin, have a light complexion. They help their relatives and loved fun. Libra love to live in comfort, like Hiking or traveling, I like exhilaration, excitement, they are more sensitive than they think.

Libra sincere, honest, but can be prone to wishful thinking, building castles in the air. They are good students of human nature. They do not like to live alone, they are expert in trading business. Getting in spiritual circles, they often take a second, spiritual name. It is an active and ambitious people, bringing tangible benefits to all mankind in a philosophical field or in the field of Commerce.

Moon in Libra

Libra - masculine, positive, active, air, symbolically represented by a balanced scale. People who have Moon in Libra in the horoscope, are well able to talk. They are reasonable and honest. They prefer to be in harmony and try to avoid confrontation. Libra try to balance the spiritual and the material. Since Libra is controlled by Venus, they are sociable, partly romantic, fond of society and amusement, love is in the society of the other sex. According to Brhad-Jataka they will "honor the brahmanas and saints, will never covet someone else will know the Holy Scriptures, they will have a strong influence of the opposite sex, they are usually tall and slim, with a turned-up nose and an attractive face. Libra is skilled in trade and often rich. They love to travel. Their health, matters may be different".

The partnership for people with the Moon in the horoscope are beneficial, but they must beware of overly trusting of others. Scales can carry a streak of carelessness, might be inclined to postpone things to another day. They have good powers of observation, but they need to develop the ability to use reason and logic. The tendency to communicate and the tendency to overly rely on your own opinion lead to the loss of time. The moon is located in Libra in the horoscope indicates a changeable, unreliable nature, but it is charming to those who know them.

Usually they have low thoughts about others and do not love when them criticize. Libra is extravagant, outspoken externally, but internally secretive, like arts & entertainment, honest in business, susceptible to skin diseases or have problems with excessive passion, abuse of anything, they are easy to fool. They usually live in the cities.

Horoscope for Libra for today,

This is the worst day of the month. Expect inconveniences, insults and scandals. Cultivate patience, meditate; reject the opportunity presented itself, reject the money-changing "cooking", do not start a new job. Do not take chances. It is a good time to run taxed or reliable and safe operation.

-- Рекомендации к совершению определенной деятельности, с учетом местности в которой Вы находитесь и текущего лунного дня, смотрите в лунном календаре на год.

This time of renunciation and loss. You may experience unexpected expenses. This is a good time for spiritual life, for travel, for the service of others. Protect your valuables, expect that other people will turn to you for help, try not to follow your first impulse. Expect boredom or anxiety related to your financial situation. Avoid quarrels over trifles. Perhaps sleep will be restless. Don't start new projects, do charity, to pay the debts.

This period should bring excellent financial opportunities, the chance to teach or preach about what you know, more happiness in family life and improving eating habits.

Getting a new source of income, the acquisition of various personal property, the appearance of the people who serve this man, improve health and increase happiness, success in competition.

This horoscope based on the transits of the planets relative to the Natal moon is located in Libra. If You don't know in what sign is Your Natal Moon, make a birthday horoscope (it will contain the sign of the moon) and view the horoscope for the corresponding sign.

Sun in Libra

Libra - air sign, represented by a balanced scale are controlled by sensual Venus. Being "air", they give an interest in philosophy, and also show the ability to balance in my life, spiritual and material. They are gifted with a talent for sales; connected with them also equanimity among people. Often they are addicted to projects, bearing the benefit of rather a lot, and not just best for them. Managed Venus, pointing to the wives and women, they are usually married and usually work as assistants or partners. By themselves, or pursuing their own interests, they're usually not as successful.

Sun in Libra in the horoscope is weakened and therefore they may suffer from weak eyesight, heart disease, frequent headaches and weakness of digestion. They are prone to excessive consumption of intoxication, partly haughty, arrogant and prone to promiscuity. They are looking for a peaceful, harmonious environment. They taste good, they are friendly, non-violent, compassionate to others and gravitate to people sophisticated, or occupying a high position in society. Libra impartial, with a strong sense of justice. Other people are sometimes difficult to understand the motives of their behavior.

They can compare some things with others and sincere in their assessments. They are usually opposed to authority; interested in political events happening in the world. They should be careful in society low level and dealing with harmful products. They enjoy traveling and can be employed in the business of jewels and other things, stimulating the senses. They need to develop inner resilience and strength.


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