Horoscope for the sign Pisces
in Vedic Astrology

Ascending Pisces

Pisces - "water" sign, controlled by Jupiter. "Pisces" is usually religious and emotional, are well, interested in the knowledge of spiritual liberation. By nature they are timid, or the superstitious. Pisces stubborn but nice and polite. They may suffer as a result of his indecision and lack of confidence. Restless and romantic, the Pisces dream of far away places and love to travel on water.

Pisces in Vedic astrology Jyotish

Although they are rich, and they have a good relationship with others, Pisces are not satisfied with your everyday life and seek solace in philosophy, or in intoxications. They are creative, with a strong imagination, troubled by their sexual desires.

Due to the fact that they are somewhat naberezhnev, Pisces wasting their money. They can be lazy and still is - the great souls, are able to give of transcendental inspiration to us less fortunate.

People "Pisces" like history, they are located to the charity and righteous activities. They look strong, with thick lips and a big nose. Pisces get good wives and husbands, but jealous and suspicious of their partners. Pisces independent and active, Orthodox, and sometimes fanatical. They are educated, a man of considerable abilities, and can become famous, because have a great influence on people and were perceived as very sincere. They are loved by the other sex, are such that serve them well unable to manage money. They make good bankers, actors and Actresses, travellers and priests.

Moon in Pisces

The sign of the Pisces is controlled by Jupiter, the planet of the pious. The moon represents the mind, therefore people with the Moon in Pisces in the horoscope to understand the meaning of religious life, has psychic and meditation abilities. Pisces are observant, receptive. In their mind there are some fluctuations, the inability to make a choice. They are sensitive, emotional, sometimes biased. They should not allow their feelings to influence their views and opinions. They are romantic and dreamy, have easy, compliant nature, seemingly somewhat unstable, but once they decided on anything, they are confident enough. On Which easily affect others, they should learn to say "no" to not be involved in contrary to one another's actions. Such people have a good heart, they are generous, generous and happy to oblige. Often Pisces can be seen voluntarily working in charities. Their eyes seem to easy tears. They are willing to read and write, and are sometimes scattered.

According to Brhad-Jataka, the man with Moon in Pisces in the horoscope of birth is "to sell sea products or to earn money, working on transport. It will use the property of others, he will have a great, well-built body, big head. He will love beautiful clothes. The Pisces will strongly influence the other gender, they will have very beautiful eyes, bright skin. They will enjoy possession of the hidden treasure or knowledge, do not appreciate ordinary people." These people are beautiful, dignified and trustworthy.

Horoscope for Pisces today

Expect spending; try not to speak harshly and not to gossip, not to talk; to increase the appetite. Can be of concern in family matters. Favorably the purchase of jewelry, public speaking, enjoying the moments of calm. Listen to good advice, read.

-- Рекомендации к совершению определенной деятельности, с учетом местности в которой Вы находитесь и текущего лунного дня, смотрите в лунном календаре на год.

This is the time for business, social activities, short trips, for charitable activities. Beware of differences in marital matters or differences of opinion with partners. There may be a strong desire. Be attentive to the people closest to you and be careful not to be deceived by those who you gave work. Assess your quality and your classes. It is a good time to visit ceremonies, for beauty care and improve your reputation. Think of what good you can do for other people.

Should be an improvement of the spiritual and financial Affairs. This year long journeys; blessings from father or guru or employer. The opportunity to earn good money and buy jewelry. Will increase your Bank account, will increase possibilities to teach other people.

Heavy work or a new hobby, learning new skills, insults or accusations, worries from enemies and from other people, the back trouble, boring job.

This horoscope based on the transits of the planets relative to the Natal moon located in the sign of Pisces. If You don't know in what sign is Your Natal Moon, make a birthday horoscope (it will contain the sign of the moon) and view the horoscope for the corresponding sign.

Sun in Pisces

Pisces is "water" and "feminine" sign. This location serves as a sign of a man of quiet behavior with calm and attractive features. Pisces is shy and restless nature. They are indecisive and easily influenced by others. They can devote their lives to service and love to do good. They are interested in spiritual and religious philosophical issues. They are dreamy and emotional, love sincerely. Pisces believe in the mysterious forces of nature, but also love things related to water; in practice they can engage in activities associated with pearls, carriage of goods by sea, juices or other liquid foods; they are waiting for a chance to open up.

These peace-loving people, with the ability to learn, in their lives there are periods, not eventful; Pisces like the other sex: they are able to make others feel good. With the Sun in Pisces can be irritable, but usually the nature of their kind. They are neat, dress well, shy and not enough confident. They have a sense of humor and sociable. The Pisces is often directed inward, and the secret, intimate side is hard to find. They are not very strong physically, prone to being overweight, intestinal diseases, nervous agitation and disease of the lower extremities. Pisces enter into a profitable marriage, get a good inheritance. They may have a tendency to escape from their problems, taking advantage of the intoxication. However, it's nice people who can handle money, works well with children, possess good intuition and able to teach.


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