Horoscope for the sign Sagittarius
in Vedic Astrology

Ascendant Sagittarius

Archer - "male" and "fiery" sign, symbolized by an Archer. This indicates an active, direct and noble temperament, striving for great goals, or defending something good. They are principled, they make good parents and teachers.

Sagittarius in Vedic astrology Jyotish

This is usually healthy, vigorous, fair, serious and spiritual, open-hearted, generous, working for the upliftment of others. They have knowledge in the field of philosophy, have good foresight. They are modest, impulsive, enthusiastic, love to travel and hate hypocrisy.

Their appearance: full figure, happy smile, satinovye hair, an elongated face, large nose and ears. Demeanor reserved, corresponding to conventional traditions at the same time they are enterprising. Have good businessmen, and officials as they seek power, but do not admit dishonesty when Using it. Archers are able to overcome the resistance of their opponents. They can sacrifice themselves for the good of others, find fortune abroad, or away from the place where they were born.

Related to Sagittarius, will know the laws and the Scriptures, they can become good leaders and leaders for a pure heart. Often in their families, there were quarrels, and they sacrifice their love of home comforts for the benefit of mankind. Sagittarians are good at them, but lose their money. They are brave and virtuous, but suffer from the counter envious. They are highly respected by scientists and noble, long-lived, and their life clean.

Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius - fire, driven by Jupiter, pure and religious planet. Therefore, Moon in Sagittarius in the horoscope of birth may indicate enthusiast, the pure in their motives, ambitious, aspiring to great achievement. Sagittarians are honest, sincere and Frank. They are generous with the gifts, have the ability to be creative, able to follow the plans that made against himself, skilful in his speech. Their appearance - an elongated face, large ears, teeth, lips and nose. Sagittarians are strong hands, almost irregular in shape, they are medium height, have svitlytsia, well-developed shoulders. These are intelligent people, they have a deep mind. They never yield to compulsion but only to kind treatment with them.

The archers argue with their relatives and leave your family. In other respects, they are generous, loyal, diligent and skillful. They like sports and physical exercise, but mentally are at a high level. They are faithful to their spouses and children. Usually they love astrology, and other Sciences related to spirituality. They are able to conduct research, they make good lawyers. Sagittarians are short-tempered, they need to avoid to make decisions when they are angry. They are quick to forgive, forget the insults. Mind archers engaged in the service for the benefit of society or service of God. Sometimes they can be restless and easily excitable, timid and indecisive. Their mind is pure, noble motives. Usually they are absorbed in themselves; they respected the educated. They spend money on good deeds.

Horoscope for Sagittarius for today,

May experience unpleasant emotional experiences and problems with the stomach. This time usually brings with it some difficulty or humiliation. Please be careful in relations with children and in interactions with society.

-- Рекомендации к совершению определенной деятельности, с учетом местности в которой Вы находитесь и текущего лунного дня, смотрите в лунном календаре на год.

This is the best time of the year in order to advance in your career, to bring to an end your plans. Try to improve your service situation. Act boldly, do things that will help spread your fame. There may be new opportunities for work. You can expect involvement in humanitarian activities and increase your status.

You can expect expenditures and the forced abdication and some spiritual weakness and decrease of physical strength, lack of money, quarrels without the need of anxiety. This is a good year for those studying and for those who are seeking liberation.

A personal crisis affecting the identity of the person, poor health, visits to foreign lands, sinful temptations, burdensome responsibilities.

This horoscope based on the transits of the planets relative to the Natal moon located in the sign Sagittarius. If You don't know in what sign is Your Natal Moon, make a birthday horoscope (it will contain the sign of the moon) and view the horoscope for the corresponding sign.

Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius - male, fire sign, symbolized by an Archer. People born with the Sun in Sagittarius, is usually a healthy and optimistic. They are sincere, truthful. People you can rely on; they have clean character. The manner of their conduct, direct, open. Usually Sagittarians are scheduled high goals in life and go straight to the goal. According to the ancient text of "the Brhad-Jataka," the archers respect the saints, they are busy in religious activities, rich, independent, unable to know medicine or be trained in the art of the sculptor.

People with Sun in Sagittarius temper, treat them with reverence, and sometimes indulge, they are reliable, persistent, and respected. They are happy, popular, religious, wealthy obyno; have an aptitude for music. Such a person has the character of a leader surrounding him or her. Their character is happy, cheerful, they have great hopes for the future. They are adamant in their determination; can be occupied by no more than one in some case. In their character can be traced to the duality: they are partly material, partly spiritual. The classical texts say about the Archers that they are sensible, able to make good decisions, have the character of a merciful and funny. They are confident, inventive, original, creative people do not like to work in subjection to anyone. Sagittarius will Express their opinion openly, sincerely. In good health and good sons. They love to travel, tend to change jobs and place of residence, if it helps their career. They lead a good life, they have a strong will, they love freedom and independence. The Archer manages Jupiter, and therefore the life of such a person entirely sinless; he purifies his heart, frees it from all material desires.


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