Horoscope for the sign Virgo
in Vedic Astrology

Rising Virgo

virgin - the sign associated with the element of earth, driven by mercury, symbolized by the virgin. People born of the Virgin, have hands-on ability - for example, to keep records or to make things with their hands. They have a weak body and a calm nature. They are well dressed and likable the absolute purity of his nature. Virgo intelligent, in commercial activities they are lucky, they have an interest in various types of knowledge. Virgo love to talk, very curious. In their character there is impulsive, emotional vein, they are often involved in art, music, play musical instruments, engaged in drawing, sculpting, designing, and work that requires attention to detail.

Virgo in Vedic astrology Jyotish

If Virgo is rising, it indicates a thoughtful, perceptive, careful and punctual person, restless or nervous. They are economical, methodical, able to perform heavy work. They lack confidence and they tend to experience oscillations about any of its decisions if the heart is not said to them directly that it is good.

Their nature is religious, but the analytical mind. Virgo love nature. They suffer from anxiety in my family and from hostile relations with relatives. They are powerful, able to judge things, but tend to get carried away by the mood. Their life is usually long, but the end of it - peace, calm. Externally they are usually of medium height, with long arms and legs, attractive face, brown-haired or brunettes, with big cheeks.

The sign Virgo is a sign of a nice person, sensitive and creative, pure, innocent, or naive nature. Virgo can work hard, earning money, but better feel when their freedom of action is not limited to the current boring procedure.

Moon in Virgo

Virgo is associated with the earth element, gives practical intelligence, ability in the relationship or in sharing ideas with others, the love of literary pursuits, the purity or cravings for unusual phenomena of nature. Virgo is ruled by mercury, and therefore those who have Moon in Virgo in the horoscope, skilled in commercial activities. They are friendly, help the needy, but tend to consider ways of obtaining any benefit for themselves. Virgo good with voice and hands, work well in areas such as gardening, sculpture or painting, as well as in the classroom requires attention to detail.

Virgo - feminine, symbolizes the virgin, and generally has an attractive appearance, fine features, she radiates innocence; but in their behavior Virgo can be nervous, scattered and too demanding. They usually have delicate body, attractive eyes, and a decorous, restrained the mind. According to Brigid-Jataka they are "skilled in music, dance and the study of the Scriptures; they are virtuous and intelligent; much attached to sexual relations. They use the homes and property of others; their speech is pleasant, they usually have more daughters than sons; they yearn for distant places."

People with the Moon in Virgo in the horoscope is not tied to family, home life and feels the need to be in their company. They are shy, dignified, skillful, engaged in the occult, skeptical. Virgo nervous, sometimes cool in their attitude to the opposite sex. They are usually slender, average height. Briefly note that Virgo can deal with facts, figures and philosophy and can help with their knowledge to those who have less than they do, abilities.

Horoscope for Virgo for today,

This is the worst day of the month. Expect inconveniences, insults and scandals. Cultivate patience, meditate; reject the opportunity presented itself, reject the money-changing "cooking", do not start a new job. Do not take chances. It is a good time to run taxed or reliable and safe operation.

-- Рекомендации к совершению определенной деятельности, с учетом местности в которой Вы находитесь и текущего лунного дня, смотрите в лунном календаре на год.

the Motivation to travel. The body can become unwell or suffer from overvoltage, there is a tendency to egocentricity, or to care for their own, personal desires or problems. Take care of your health. This month is good for visiting places where rituals are performed, and to order the habits belonging to the body. Assess your lifestyle, select a new direction in life, if there is a suitable offer. Beware of anxiety, engage in self-awareness. Aspire to something sublime.

You can expect interference and the fact that is made a bad choice. This is a good time for writers or people earning a livelihood with my hands. Will increase the risk to relatives. The new equipment will be purchased.

Internal dissatisfaction, my mother's illness, the possible change of residence, bad company, difficulties in home life.

This horoscope based on the transits of the planets relative to the Natal moon is situated in sign Virgo. If You don't know in what sign is Your Natal Moon, make a Natal chart (it will indicate the sign of the moon) and view the horoscope for the corresponding sign.

Sun in Virgo

Virgo - feminine, soft, associated with the element earth sign, driven by mercury and symbolized by the virgin. People born with the Sun in Virgo in the horoscope, get the following qualities: kindness, erudition, scholarship, ability to carry on a conversation, clean the heart or the spiritual knowledge, practicality, skillful hands. Sometimes they are overly sensitive or too easily fall under the influence of the opposite sex; they may be timid and indecisive. They are not poorly developed discernment, they are able to successfully combine the ideological and practical side of its activities. They operate well where you want attention to detail, the work related to the transfer of any messages in the field of education.

Quality, relevant to the virgin - it's practicality and elegance; prudence; innocence or naivety; beautiful appearance; born of the Virgin are hard to convince of anything; he is analytical, has a sense of self-esteem; shy; travels; good serve; love of the picturesque surroundings.

The usual interpretation related to the position of the Sun in this sign, "feminine-looking, writes well, draws, or a good sculptor, poet; has a good memory and a pleasant mild speech. Physically and mentally not very tough, but perceptive, has linguistic abilities, good reads, usually acts deliberately; sincere in dispute, need psychological support and flattery; communicative, responsive, adapts well to different surroundings; has inventive skills, responsive to kind and respectful attitude; a wonderful companion". This people is soft, sensitive, skilled in commercial activities. They are easily given the power of their feelings, and sometimes may not be easily located in one company with them: encourage your sensitive ego, they try too hard to impress others.


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